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Carl and Luz: Amsterdam in Love

A little romantic photoshoot captured on my film camera in Amsterdam of such a cute couple, Carl and Luz, with a few

Celine and Ermin Engagements

It was when I with fingers like wands, curled your lips into a smile, that I hoped you realized that I, and only I will


In French, you don’t really say “I miss you.” You say “tu me manques” which is closer

Wright Family

This girl has the best smile and laughter anyone can ask to be around. My best friend that moved away in elementary, we

Kinsey Family

Thank you Natalie for having me shoot your family. You guys are such a beautiful family inside and out….

AJ’s Baptism

What a special day for this little angel. I am so grateful I was apart of it.

Somewhere over the rainbow: A tribute to Clarisee

Recently a dear friend of mine passed away, Clarisee Huntsman. She was someone who inspired my love of photography