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about-me-imageMy name is Candace.  I am a wedding photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

 I would say I am a hopeless romantic. I have always been fascinated with the magic of love and been drawn to anything that involves the heart. I am obsessed with anything that feels old and timeless-vinyl records, an old polaroid, the smell of an old book… anything that brings you back to the simple things in life. Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong generation. I want someone to take me back when people would write love letters to home and sign them ‘All my love…
Photography became a passion for me after I had my son, Hayes and wanted to capture everything about him. I have been pursuing photography for 11 years now. Photography has taken me so many places where I have been able to see some of the beauty of the world. It has opened my eyes and soul to so many people.
I have always loved to read. There is nothing better then a good book that can take you somewhere else. When I photograph a wedding I feel I get to tell a story of two peoples love for each other. I want the story to be honest, real and vulnerable. I love seeing emotion in a photograph. I feel in a good story you need both, the light and the dark. One of my favorite quotes is ‘Without the dark we would never see the stars’.
I want you to be able to feel something when you look back at your photographs- the wind in her hair, the passion, the romance, hear the laughter, feel the rawness of it all. See everything undone and done, see the light and the dark of the photograph.  I want to transport people back to that moment in time so that they can hold on to it forever.